Natural Green Tourmaline


4.72ct Natural Green Tourmaline (not heat treated)
12 x 9 mm
Antique Cushion Cut with Checkerboard Faceted Table

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This Green Tourmaline is extremely unique.  Most you will see out there are heat treated to enhance it’s color.  This gemstone is a natural green and not enhanced.

It measures just over 12 x 9 mm with an Antique Cushion Cut and a Checkerboard Table. Totaling four and three quarter carats, we have this gem featured at only $1032.
Not only can you own this beautiful creation of nature, but you can design your own ring or pendant around it.

Some interesting facts about Tourmaline:

Ancient legend states that tourmaline is the stone of many colors because of its travels along rainbows where it captured the rainbows’ many beautiful colors. The most valuable colors are indicolite (blues and blue-green), verdelite (greens) and rubellite (reds and pinks). The common colors are chrome (green), cat’s eye (striped brown), paraiba (bright neon blue), schorl (black), dravite (yellows and browns) and watermelon (green on the outside and pink on the inside).