Jewelry Theory Exchange, or JTX, offers the following free services on jewelry purchased through the exchange

  • Steam cleaning and inspection of the jewelry, both for the seller prior to listing it and to the buyer for as long as they own the jewelry
  • Free sizing of gold rings for the buyer up or down one finger size.  Additional sizes, or any sizing of platinum rings, will be offered at a 10% discount off of our standard rates.
  • Diamond testing for both the seller and the buyer
  • Listings in our general gallery
  • Free two view photography for your listing

JTX also offers the following services on listed items

  • Appraisals  – $100
  • Enhanced Ad listing on Jewelry Theory social media accounts – $25 for two listings.  If for some reason your item has not sold in six months, you are welcome to keep the item listed as long as you like and we will do a third Enhanced Ad listing at no charge to you
  • Polishing and refurbishing of the jewelry to the seller at a 10% discount